Bronze foundry

Mould Making and metal casting


Terms and Conditions

  1. Butterfly Bronze will charge travelling costs at: 40 pence per mile.
  2. Quotations do not include delivery.  Clients most often bring work into the foundry and collect it.  Alternatively quotes will be provided on courier services.
  3. If you are travelling from a long distance, a double room B&B is available at The Mill House, Stapleford Tawney for £50 per night.  Please contact Butterfly Bronze for full details.
  4. All work is photographed digitally on completion and clients should note that photographs of completed projects may be used on the Butterfly Bronze website.  If you do not wish this to be done, please let us know in writing.
  5. Where the pattern is made in wax, clay, plastercine, or other soft mould materials, this will be destroyed in the bronze loss wax making process. For a copy pattern, please ask for a quotation.
  6. Once the project has been assessed, a written quotation will be sent to the client.  This will outline the projected costs of the mould making process, casting and finishing of the sculpture.
  7. The mould making costs are separated from the metalwork costs as moulds will last for 30 to 50 bronze/metal casts.   It is therefore more cost effective per piece to cast in runs than for one off pieces.
  8. The quotation contains prices for materials, labour and administration.
  9. Materials are charged at current market rate.  If the client can source cheaper
  10. materials and provide them, they can do so.
  11. Butterfly Bronze will keep in regular contact with all clients and advise the timescales on a weekly basis.
  12. Receipts for materials will be retained by Butterfly Bronze but copies are available on request.
  13. The Labour charge is £40 per hour, or as advised. 
  14. All projects include an Administration Charge.  This is applied at £3.12 per hour.  This covers rent, rates, insurance, IT, telephone charges, web design and stationery costs.
  15. Drying/Setting time is not chargeable to the client.
  16. Bases are not included in the quotation.  However we can provide a basic wooden base from £10 to £30 depending on dimensions required.  If you require a metal base, prices start from £50.
  17. Payment should be made in a series of weekly stage payments, which will be agreed in advance.  Where the work will take less than one week, a 50% deposit is required, and payment in full must be presented and cleared via the bank to Butterfly Bronze
  18. before the work is released or returned.  All other projects require a 25% Deposit before the work can begin.
  19. The final payment should be made on collection.  You should examine the piece(s) carefully as once they leave the workshop the project is deemed completed.  Any problems should be raised at this stage.  The final payment therefore should be made to Mr William Hayes or Mrs Laura Hayes.
  20. All payments will be invoiced/receipted in writing.
  21. We are however flexible on payments for large invoices and will give 30 days credit if necessary.
  22. Payments should be made by cheque to Mr W P Hayes and sent to The Mill House, 259 Ongar Road, Stapleford Tawney Essex RM4 1RD.  Telephone number for accounts: 01708 687300 or 07769 687236.  All queries should be to Laura Dove.
  23. Because of the nature of the art sector, and the difficulty in obtaining realistic valuations, Butterfly Bronze will not insure the piece.  The client is responsible at all times for adequately insuring the work of art.  For further information regarding valuations, please contact Butterfly Bronze. 
  24. Butterfly Bronze takes no liability for loss, damage or destruction of the piece
  25. whatsoever.  However, every care is taken to transport, protect and care for the piece whilst the work is being carried out. 
  26. A written health and safety method statement and risk assessment will be required for any moving of the sculpture, or working at height.  The cost for producing this will be £125.
  27. Delays and finish times.  Butterfly Bronze cannot guarantee that the work will be finished as per the quotation.  Any sickness or other delays however will be immediately advised to the client.  All endeavours will be made to provide a prompt service.  No charges will be made where sickness or delays has caused added costs to the project.
  28. Butterfly Bronze’s average turnaround time is 12-18 working weeks from date of order.  For faster turnaround times overtime charges may apply.
  29. All work is guaranteed for one year.  Colouring and patinas however, are subject to changes depending on weather conditions and temperature changes.  Indoor and outdoor bronze sculptures react differently, and these changes cannot therefore be guaranteed.
  30. Disputes.  In the event of dispute, Butterfly Bronze will refer to the Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CIArb) in the first instance and abide by their Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures. The CIArb is based at 12 Bloomsbury Square London WC1A 2LP.
  31. All late invoices will be charged interest at 8% over base rate as per current legislation.
  32. A storage charge will also be made if the work is not collected or paid for in time.  The storage charge is levied at £25 per week.
  33. We are able to open the foundry 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Let us know when it is convenient for you to collect your piece.  Please call 07984 692068 to arrange a suitable time. 
  34. Butterfly Bronze is not VAT registered.