Bronze foundry

Bronze Flowers by William Hayes

Artist and foundryman William Hayes has created a unique method of preserving the intricate and delicate nature of flowers in bronze. Using a unique technique of live casting honed over years of working within foundaries William has mastered the art of capturing the essence of flowers and their natural beauty in bronze.

Below are William Hayes' unique bronze flowers, from his Matamorphoses Collection. All have been created by William's unique method of live casting real flowers to give the most brilliant natural effect. Prices vary by size and patination.

Traditional sculpture to a modern mind may be heavy and dark, needing space and casting shadows; Bronze Flowers are in contrast, light - and with a gorgeous simplicity that belies the artistry underlying their creation.

Flowers are chosen for their incredible diffusion of form and an innate robustness, as they must be transformed by the intense heat that is needed to create liquid metals. They have a ready made space, on the dining table or sideboard where "traditional" vases of flowers stand. Timeless and elegant, Bronze Flowers are sculptures for any modern home.

Brit Art is beautiful in an intellectual way, and comedic in that it can bring a mixture of styles and incongruities together which is refreshing and vibrant. We are interested however in the aesthetic, art as beauty, romantic art, such as Keats and Byron and Shelley. Back further to ancient Greece, Iran, China, India and Rome. There is a universe of meaning in the pure astonishment of beauty and it comes from the senses direct to the soul, which then in turn radiates upwards to the intellect. There is something sublime in the concept of art as exquisite, heavenly, decoration. But it is always first and foremost spontaneously emotional. Oscar Wilde for example would approve. Butterfly Bronze Statement.

Select from the flowers above, alternatively email or call us at Butterfly Bronze with your ideas for flower sculpture that you would like us to explore for you.

Every flower is unique and no two are the same. That is because flowers are cast from flowers; they are literally dipped in precious metals and then worked to produce your own unique work of art.

Bronze Chrysanthamum in Green Bronze Chrysanthamum
Bronze Dandelion A rose live casted in bronze