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Casting Death Masks, Life Masks and Memorial Sculptures


Casting bronze Death Masks

A death mask is a cast of a mold taken from the face of a dead person. Death masks are exact portraits, although modifications are often made to the eyes of the mask to make it appear as though the individual were alive. Dating back to ancient Egypt Death Masks have served as aids to sculptors of portraits, and for the last few centuries the masks have been kept as mementos of the deceased.

Since the 13th century, death masks have helped the sculptors of tomb effigies, but in medieval France and England actual death masks were used by royalty as funereal effigies that lay in state. Saying that, only English examples exist, as those in France were destroyed by the French Revolution. Henry VII's mask is probably the finest in existence, and that of Edward III's is the earliest example in Europe; the latter records the facial contortions suffered from his fatal stroke. Other well-known death masks are those of Napoleon Bonaparte, Isaac Newton and Ludwig van Beethoven.


Memorial Mask of a large deceased manMemorial Sculpture of a Death Mask and Hand cast by Butterfly Bronze


Casting bronze Life Masks

In contrast to death masks, life masks are made from molds taken from living faces. A more modern phenomenon is the casting of faces of the living. As a fashion among celebrities, stars such as Drew Barrymore, Jim Carey and David Bowie have all preserved their faces in bronze life masks.

Butterfly Bronze offer a complete service when it comes to casting bodily features. Not only can we preserve the face but also features such as hands and feet. For both procedures of Death and Life masks we can come to you, take a mould and then return a few months later with a complete Bronze casting. Memorial Casting is a fantastic way of remembering your loved ones, so for further information please do not hesitate to contact us.