Bronze foundry

A "Live Cast" Crysanthanthemum Bronze Flower



"Live Casting" organic objects in Metal

Butterfly Bronze produces beautiful artifacts in a range of metals including bronze, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

Using a unique technique of "Live Casting" trademark, William Hayes has developed a method to cast organic matter which does not require traditional mould making. It is therefore cost effective, bringing metal art to a wider audience.

We produce a range of live cast flowers primarily in bronze which are breathtakingly beautiful and a space already exists in your home for them. Cast in bronze these sculptures are absolutely unique, each one coming from it's own flower literally dipped in metal. More than in nature, no two are ever the same. And of course, if cared for, being metal they last a lifetime.

Nearly any flower on earth can be beautified in this manner, but you have to know how.

Our bronze foundry produces traditional sculpture for artists around the UK using also "traditional" methods, for example the "Lost Wax" process. Using model-making, any sculpture produced in clay can be reproduced in metal. For advice on restoration or repairs to any metal sculpture, contact us.

Contact us if you would like a bronze flower or to produce a sculpture for you. We also do private commissions.

Delivery starts from around £30 for the UK.