Bronze foundry

Bronze restoration and repairs

Bronze sculpture restoration and repairs

Metal sculpture will last years, even centuries, if treated and cared for properly. However, metal work does corrode and disintegrate, particularly if located outside and exposed to the elements of wind and rain.

Butterfly Bronze does a full on site inspection, sculpture repair and restoration service for all bronze and metal artefacts. We can assess your bronze sculpture on site, provide you with a full report on repairs needed, and carry out the remedial work on site using mobile welding equipment and tenting where necessary. Alternatively we can remove and repair the sculpture at our Bons Farm workshop.

Some sculpture is “patinated” or colored. The patina does fade over time. If you need advice on repatinating your sculpture, please contact us today.

Regular maintenance is needed to keep all outside metalwork in top condition. Please ensure that we visit your outdoor sculpture annually, to ensure patinas and protective coatings are regularly upgraded.